Connecting HubSpot Add-On for Microsoft Outlook

How-to Install the Microsoft Outlook Desktop Add-On Version for HubSpot

Step 1- Connect Your Inbox

  1. Head into HubSpot > Settings > General >  Email  and click the CTA prompt to "Connect personal email"
  2. Follow the next prompt to "Connect your inbox"
  3. Make sure you choose the option "I want to choose my email provider myself"

    Note: When connecting your inbox, make sure you've closed Outlook.
  4. Next, select your email provider (in most cases, it's going to be Microsoft Outlook).
  5. Log into your email.
  6. Ensure you choose the prompt "No Thanks" to download the extension. We'll address this in the next step.
  7. Once you are logged in and connected, it should show up in the settings interface.


Step 2 - Download the "HubSpot Sales add-in for Outlook (Windows/PC)"

  1. Navigate to HubSpot Settings
  2. Click "General" underneath the "Your Preferences" section
  3. Click the "Email" tab once you're in the General settings
  4. Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on "Download the email extension" to expand the section. 
  5. Click "Download HubSpot Sales add-in for Outlook (Windows/PC)" Note: Ensure that you choose the add-in for the desktop application, even if you use Office 365.
  6. Click "Start Installation" once you see the pop-up. Choose "Native notifications from Windows" for your notification preferences.

    Note: Ensure you have the Outlook application closed, or you will receive this notification before proceeding.

  7. You will likely need to verify the install. Click "Install."


Step 3 - Log Into the Add-On

  1. Open Outlook desktop application.
  2. When you open the application, it should prompt you with a pop-up to log into HubSpot.
  3. Log in using your company email address and password.
  4. Once you log in, you may be prompted for 2FA (2 Factor Authentication). You can click "Remember Me."
  5. If you've successfully logged in, you will see a Login Success confirmation.
  6. Close out of this prompt.

Step 4 - Verify The Connection

  1. Open Outlook desktop app. You should see the HubSpot sales add-on in the ribbon. The HubSpot logo should be orange.
  2. Click on the HubSpot Sales add-on > Settings to check again to see if you're logged in. 
  3. Open up a "New Email" and type in someone's name within your company in the "To:" line. Ensure the HubSpot Sales add-on pops up on the right side of your screen and the hubspot email address is BCC'd.
  4. Send a test email.
  5. Ensure the contact was logged by checking the contact record you emailed within your HubSpot account.