How To Add Your Accrual Balance to the UKG Ready Dashboard

Accessing and Saving Your Accrual Balance

Step 1: Log In To UKG Ready


Step 2: From the Home Screen, Click the Gear Icon in the Dashboard Menu


Step 3: Click Enable Edit Mode


Step 4: Click Add in the Section You Want to Add Your Accrual Balance


Step 5: Click Widgets


Step 6: Find "My accrual balances" in the available widgets and check the box, then click 


Step 7: Click Add Button then the Apply Button


Step 8: Ensure the "My accrual balances" Widget showed up in the dashboard


Having trouble, did it not work? 

  • Try adding it to another section of the dashboard. 
  • Ensure you don't have the maximum number of widgets / reports already on your dashboard. 
  • Still having trouble? Open the menu at the top left of UKG Ready and then click help. Check the Learning Center and / or Online Documentation to troubleshoot further.