How to reconnect your outlook to HubSpot

For whatever reason, you noticed that your calendar is no longer connected or emails aren't logging or tracking into HubSpot. Here are some steps to troubleshooting this issue and reconnecting your outlook to HubSpot.

Scenario 1:

You notice that emails from outlook are not tracking/logging into HubSpot. The first thing we recommend doing is checking your sales tool extension in Outlook. If your sales tool does not look like this:

That means that you have the Office 365 HubSpot extension installed (No dropdown menu), which we do not recommend, and not the Outlook HubSpot extension.

In Outlook, go to Files -> Manage Add-ons -> Remove the HubSpot Sales Add-on. 

We then want to go back into HubSpot and download the Sales add-in for Outlook by going to Settings -> General -> Email -> Download the email extension

Follow the process for installing this and you should see the correct sales tool pop up in your outlook. This automatically tracks and logs emails into HubSpot, whereas the Office 365 add-in does not automatically track and log emails into HubSpot.