Managing YouTube Page Users & Permissions

Granting YouTube Page Access To Another User

Step 1: Go to your and navigate to your YouTube page / channel.  On the top right of the page, click the icon for your page, and when the menu pops down, click on "Your channel".



Step 2: Once on your channel page, click on the "Customize Channel" button.


Step 3: From here, you can see a menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Click on the "Settings" menu item, which is second from the bottom. 


Step 4: Once the Settings menu popup appears, Click on "Permissions" on the left-hand side of the popup and then click on "Manage Permissions"


Step 5: Now you should be seeing the "Brand Account details" screen.  From here, click on "Manage Permissions".

Note: If you don't see the "Brand Account details" screen, you must set up a Brand Account. 

*Step 5.1: At this point, you may be required to log in to your Google Account again. If this, is the case, simply log back in.    

*Step 5.2: Once logging back in, you must repeat Step 5 and click "Manage Permissions" again. 

Step 6: Now you should be on the Manage permissions popup screen, simply click the image-png-Apr-07-2021-08-16-51-90-PM-1 or "Add User Icon" on the right top-hand portion of the popup.  


Step 7: Now simply add the name or email address for the user you want to add. 

Note: Typing in a name will require the person is a Google User in your organization or that you have shared things with in the past via Google. 


Step 8: Select a role from the following options: 

The following are the Brand Account / YouTube Page roles you can select from.

  • Owners can take the most actions, and they control who manages the account. An account must have one primary owner.
  • Managers can use Google services that support Brand Accounts, like share photos on Google Photos or post videos on YouTube.
  • Communications managers can do the same things as Managers, but they can't use YouTube.

Step 9: Once you've entered the new user name or email and added the role, simply click on the "Invite" link on the bottom-right of the popup screen. 

Step 10: Then you'll revert back to the Manage permissions popup screen, simply click the "Done" link on the bottom right-hand portion of the screen to complete the process.