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Oct 11, 2019 11:17:28 AM

-Prove you're a thought leader... Be an expert in what you provide, and make sure your customers rave about you.

-Attend events that your target market is attending. >see payroll lead gen strategy post<

-Arrange speaking opportunities at said events, but never demo or spend time talking about your product. Talk about it indirectly by sharing how automation or X solutions help companies with a, b, or c - - - or how they implement strategies to do x, y and z which help them. <insert benefits>

-Get people talking about you - stand out. Do newsworthy stuff, and talk about the newsworthy stuff across your website, social accounts, and newsletters.

-Get trade publications or blogs talking about you. Build relationships with editors, reporters, and bloggers. Pitch them story ideas and create articles.

-Offer marketing so good your prospects would pay for it. What are the things your prospects need help with? How can you help them without your solution? Do that.

John Markert

Written by John Markert

John is an Inbound Marketing Expert with a broad array of skills and experience. Possessing a unique blend of technical and creative skills, and a sound knowledge of consumer psychology, he excels at building high-converting, multi-channel sales funnels.

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