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Oct 11, 2019 11:16:58 AM

How To: Qualify Leads and Build Your Sales Pipeline

Qualifying Payroll Leads as Sales Opportunities

Now that you've developed your persona, you just need to make sure, first and foremost that you develop a message that resonates with the audience. Whether it's a 1-to-1 sales message or a 1-to-many marketing message, there is a problem you can help these companies solve with your payroll service or HCM solutions.

What can I do to schedule more sales meetings with payroll leads?

Here are some tactics that you can use to get more discovery / introductory calls.

  • Develop Sales Email Templates
  • Include These As Part of a Sales Cadence / Campaign
  • Make Scheduling a Sales Meeting With You Easy
  • Create a Landing Page On Your Website
  • Implement Live Chat
  • Use a Website Popup

<<<Poster Elite - Lead Qual program CTA - - - - Make Them an Offer They Can't Refuse>

Sell More Payroll Deals

There are very few sales people now-a-days that literally have a network of existing contacts to sell into without taking clients from a previous employer, and violating non-compete agreements.

  • develop your sales process
  • start with prospects that have contracts and work prospects in each stage backwards
  • build more pipeline
  • track your emails
  • make the signing process easy

The question you should really be asking is: how do I attract more payroll leads? Because finding them is tougher to close for your sales team compared to attracting more payroll leads. Attracting payroll leads means they find you.

Employees focused on product, implementation, and support.

Qualifying payroll leads

Original Source of Customer

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Utilizing Existing Payroll Client Profiles to Identify New Prospect

Who are you marketing payroll services to? That's the first step in ...

Chances are, you have people's information. What information is it.

If you want to navigate away from the types of customers selling to you currently have your trying to swim against the current.

John Markert

Written by John Markert

John is an Inbound Marketing Expert with a broad array of skills and experience. Possessing a unique blend of technical and creative skills, and a sound knowledge of consumer psychology, he excels at building high-converting, multi-channel sales funnels.

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