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This is the ultimate payroll CRM platform for your human capital management (HCM) organization to build better relationships, save valuable time, and close more payroll and HR deals. 

Contact Info at your Fingertips
Capture Every Interaction
Track Your Pipeline
Build Better Relationships
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The Best CRM Platform for Payroll, HR, and HCM Companies

Information at your Fingertips

Bandwidth for up to one million contact and company records available on the cloud, accessible from any device. 

Through email integrations, new contacts and leads are auto-magically added to your database when emailed, and corporate email addresses will associate contacts with new or existing company records. 

Domains are run through a database of 20 million+ businesses to pull in important demographic or firmographic data such as revenue, industry, and other company details.

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Payroll CRM Contact Record for HCM Prospects
Payroll CRM HCM Lead Activity Feed

Capture Every Interaction

Ever wish you could see exactly which prospects visited your website, read your email, or received a sales call all in one place?  Now you can...

Every prospect interaction gets stored in their contact records and timelines. 

Sync up CRM with our payroll and HCM marketing software and your website to get deeper insights on the content your lead has consumed, emails they've opened, and more, to start personalizing your sales approach. 

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Payroll CRM Timeline of HCM Activity

Track Your Pipeline 

Visualize success with deal stages that show where each prospect is in your payroll or HCM sales pipeline.

Stay organized by creating tasks or scheduling follow up reminders to ensure you're following up with the right people at the right time.  

Use CRM on the go with our mobile app to call payroll prospects, update your deals, and get your sales activity snapshots.  


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Payroll CRM - HCM Sales Pipeline Dashboard
HCM CRM Payroll Sales Email Integration

Build Better Relationships

Start ensuring that there will never be a last interaction from the moment the first one occurs.

Make it easy to build better relationships across your customer life cycle with tools like live chat, team email, messenger bots, and a universal inbox that your entire team can access.

Manage and reply to prospect and customer comments, questions, and concerns — make sure instead of uncovering a last interaction from customer churn, you identify a new upsell opportunity instead.


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HCM & Payroll CRM Software Overview

Learn how other HCM companies are capitalizing on the growth trifecta and selling more payroll, HR, and benefits solutions with our CRM  platform tour. 
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CRM Features that Payroll, HR, and HCM Companies Love

Contact Management

Store contact data, including name, contact history, email information, and much more for up to 1 million contacts.

Company Records

Store extensive amounts of company data with auto-populated data from contacts and payroll and HR leads. 

Contact Activity

Track and view contact engagements with your brand; website visits, email opens, payroll sales calls, collateral downloads, etc. 

Company Insights

Leverage leading databases for additional company information that's automatically populating unknown properties with data. 

Gmail & Outlook Integration

Connect your email inbox, like Gmail or Outlook to automatically log and track emails to contacts and company records.

Team Email

Leverage a universal inbox as a shared place for your team to manage and respond to tickets, questions, comments, and web chats.

Deal Pipelines

Create deals to track HCM and payroll sales opportunities. Manage pipeline and guide prospects through their buyer's journey. 


Use tasks to create to-do lists and stay organized. Document what needs to get done without letting things slip through the cracks. 


Keep track of customer issues and assign tickets to team members with this help desk-style tool to make customer service a breeze.

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