UKG Ready Partner Videos

HCM Videos for UKG / Kronos Resellers Across Every Module


The HCM Video Series

Built Exclusively for UKG / Kronos Partners

Developed in collaboration with the UKrew Partner team, these videos are aimed at providing resellers with powerful high-level overviews of every module within the Ready platform... in about a minute or lessOur first four videos, which highlighted the Payroll, HR, TLM, and Benefits modules debuted during the 2019 Kronos Partner Community Workshop (PCW).

Since the initial launch, these core four videos have been updated to match the UI updates. In addition, we've expanded the HCM Video Series to include new videos showcasing the ancillary modules of the platform as well as industry-focused videos.



Kronos Workforce Ready Video Pack Screenshot

Get the core four videos to start marketing and selling your Workforce Ready solutions, so prospects and customers can see how you can help take the stress out of human capital management. 

Kronos Workforce Ready Payroll Video Screenshot

With more efficient payroll processing and tax filing that offers powerful financial insights across any device, this video shows prospects that it’s time for a payroll upgrade.

Kronos Workforce Ready Time and Attendance Video Screenshot

Give prospects or customers a view into how to get labor costs back on track by managing in the moment with labor trend insights and automatic overtime notifications.

Kronos Workforce Ready HR Video Screenshot

If your prospects or customers have an HR game that’s falling short, show them how to level up compliance, HR automation, and employee engagement and retention.

Kronos Workforce Ready Benefits Video Screenshot

Help customers or prospects see the solution to solve benefits mysteries with a single system that streamlines benefit plan management, enrollment, and administration.

Kronos Workforce Ready Recruitment Video Screenshot

Recruiting is the toughest and most common challenge for any growing employer, this video will highlight what makes your recruiting solution stand out from the rest.

Kronos Workforce Ready Performance Management Video Screenshot

With tools to manage and engage top talent, this video showcases how the performance management module can help prospects and customers improve employee performance. 

Kronos Workforce Ready Succession Planning Video Screenshot

When it comes time to urgently fill an open role, filling it internally is always the best option. This video highlights how easy succession planning can be for prospects, with the right solution.

Kronos Workforce Ready Scheduling Video Screenshot

Creating a fair and evenly distributed schedule is tough, this video shows how the ability to simplify and expedite scheduling helps make better decisions with your solution.

Kronos Workforce Ready Absence Video Screenshot

For prospects who struggle with absence management, this video highlights the tools and features that will help HR professionals work around expected or unexpected absences.

Kronos Workforce Ready Onboarding Video Screenshot

Delivering a great experience to new hires is the first step toward building long-term trust with employees. This video will highlight your solution for a memorable onboarding process.

Kronos Workforce Ready Compensation Video Screenshot

For prospects or customers that need better compensation planning, this video highlights tools and automation that will make managing pay increases and other changes simple.

Why Your Payroll Company NEEDS Video in Today's World

Stand Out from the Crowd

Nothing separates your brand from the competition like a professional video highlighting your brand and services. 


Better Conversion Rates

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Be More Memorable

People are more likely to remember information presented in videos than information presented in text. 

Testimonials from past MAD product initatives

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"Thank you to you and your team for developing the great video for us! Our internal teams love it and are excited to share it."

- Anita Tomaziefski (Business Communication Specialist @ CBIZ Human Capital Management)