The HCM Growth Platform is Here

Complete with solutions for marketing, sales, CRM, and support / service, this software is perfect for getting your payroll, HR, and benefits offering to market with what we like to call the growth trifecta:

  • Expanding Market Share
  • Increasing Adoption Rates
  • Growing Recurring Revenue
Payroll and hr sales / marketing software on any device

You Have The Best HCM Technology

Now Get The Best Platform to Sell and Market It


 Experience The Platform

Marketing Software

You need BIG campaigns to drive new payroll and HCM leads to your sales team and revenue to your bottom line... this is the marketing solution to do just that.

Carry out virtually any marketing tactic in your strategy with the ultimate tool set to host and manage your website, convert visitors into leads, nurture and educate prospects, and upsell clients. 

Your brand can be synonymous with solutions for employers and employees throughout their lifecycle. Get your HCM company noticed across various digital distribution channels and media outlets... just like the big boys. 

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Payroll Marketing Dashboard

CRM Software

Payroll CRM Dashboard for HCM Companies

This CRM solution is the database that ties together all our applications and helps your team manage prospects, customers, referral partners, resellers, and vendor / partner relationships. 

The contact record here is like the employee record in your HCM or payroll solution. And with open APIs, workflows, and custom fields, the segmentation and integration capabilities are virtually endless. 

Get your sales, account management, and support teams on the same page throughout your payroll company with the base of a fully configurable growth platform. 

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Payroll CRM Dashboard Floating

Sales Software

The buyer and entire buying process has changed. You need a sales solution and tools that allow you to react to payroll leads and HCM opportunities evaluating your offering in real-time. 

Start selling to prospects and customers when they're ready to buy with sales campaigns and cadences, website prospect alerts, live visitor chat, lead activity reports, and way more.

Increase lead qualification rates, revenue per client, close ratios, and satisfaction levels by having more real-time insight than ever before.

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Payroll Sales Dashboard for HCM Companies

Services Software

Payroll and HR Support Software Screenshot

This is the support solution your operations need to ensure that everyone who interacts with your company has an extraordinary customer service experience

Start servicing customers like the big boys do - with modern features that include call and email tracking, multi-channel ticketing, live website chat, online HCM platform documentation, customer feedback / survey tools, and the most powerful workflow engine to tie it all together that you've ever seen! 

Customer service is a big investment, but the biggest differentiator for most payroll and HR companies. This has all the tools you'll need to increase retention by turning happy customers into truly raving fans and evangelists. 

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Payroll and HR Support Software Screenshot

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