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HCM Sales Software

The Sales Software Solution you need to manage your Human Capital Management (HCM) prospects and pipeline, automate repetitive tasks, and win more business. 

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The Ultimate Platform to Increase Payroll and HCM Sales 

Easily see who's engaging with your content and determine who your hottest payroll leads are. 

Keep your hot prospects engaged by queuing up a cadence or series of personalized sales calls about their HCM topics of interest.

Schedule the delivery of relevant email templates or sales campaigns to hit them with the right message at the right time.

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HCM and Payroll Sales Email Tracker
Payroll Sales Pipeline for HCM Deals

Build a deals pipeline that maps out your HCM or HR buyer's journey from stranger to customer.

Use the intuitive visual interface to easily monitor who you're set to follow up with and when.

Save valuable time by using automated selling triggers that move prospects through your pipeline when they take certain actions.

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Payroll Sales Pipeline for HCM Companies

Integrate your Gmail or Outlook calendar to our meetings tool and get a custom link to a branded meeting calendar - set your availability and let payroll prospects choose a time that works for everyone.

Need to craft the sales perfect pitch before each meeting type? No problem. Use playbooks to find the right sales track.

And when all goes according to plan, you can even collect e-signatures and payments from integrated sales proposal solutions.


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Payroll Sales Calendar Tool for HCM Companies
Payroll and HCM Sales Productivity Snapshot

Sell by leveraging machine learning algorithms that prioritize your sales efforts by figuring out a lead's likelihood to buy. 

Set up custom reports to automatically generate and track your success against your sales goals.

Optimize your sales processes by arranging reports in a number of visually intuitive ways so it's easy to figure out where you need to improve. 


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HCM & Payroll Sales Overview

See how other companies are capitalizing on the growth trifecta and selling more payroll, HR, and benefits solutions. Watch our HCM sales software overview video. 
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Sales Software Features that Payroll, HR, Benefits & HCM Companies Love

Sales Sequences

Craft your sales emails in advance and let prospect behavior determine who receives emails, and when they're received. 

Email Templates

Create your own sales templates or choose from a library of action-inducing, modern emails that are built to convert leads. 

Email Tracking

Monitor email interactions and prospect engagement in granular detail within your sales activity feed.


Build highly customizable reports based on the metrics that matter most and automate delivery when you want them. 


Integrate Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook to let payroll leads book discovery calls at a convenient time for everyone. 

Live Chat

Engage with visitors on your website in real-time and connect leads with the right sales rep to increase conversion rates. 


Make sales calls in your browser or with VOIP phones to record and log conversations automatically on the contact record. 

Sales Automation

Put your most repetitive tasks on auto-pilot, freeing you up to do the high-touch work that separates your service from the competition.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Leverage machine learning algorithms to prioritize your sales efforts based on a lead's likelihood to buy payroll or HCM services.  

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