Meet the MAD Growth Scientists

People are our greatest asset and we've built - and continue to build - a team that does truly FANTASTIC things for our partners.  

Josh Davis Bio Marketing All Day

Josh Davis

MAD Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Josh has spent more than 10 years of his storied career focused on helping SaaS providers market and grow their payroll, benefits, HR, and HCM revenue, adoption, and retention rates. He has a proven track record of generating 6 and 7 figure revenue numbers from single campaigns, product launches, and other initiatives across sales, marketing, and operations. 

His MAD Guilty Pleasures: Growing companies, music of all genres, Jersey's beaches, crab legs, and finding local food hot spots wherever he goes.  

Hi. I'm John. Nice to meet you.

John Markert

MAD Inbound Growth Coordinator

John is an Inbound Marketing Expert with a broad array of skills and experience. Possessing a unique blend of technical and creative skills, and a sound knowledge of consumer psychology, he excels at building high-converting, multi-channel sales funnels.

His MAD Guilty Pleasures: Making Music, Mind-bending Movies and Meditation. 

Hi. I'm Richard. Nice to meet you.

Richard McKaba

MAD Branding & Design Specialist

Richard is the Branding & Design Specialist as well as a graphic designer and typographer. With a unique combination of design history and modern aesthetics, he is well-versed in the techniques and aesthetics of the marketing world.

His MAD Guilty Pleasures: Fallout 4 on PS4, Collecting all things The Flash, and doing DIY projects.


Greg Schmitt

MAD Video Content Scientist

Greg is a marketing and video content creation expert. With a wide skill set of modern video editing skills, as well as an eye for various modern aesthetic styles, he excels at creating sharp and attention-grabbing videos.

His MAD Guilty Pleasures: Creating Short Films, PC Gaming, and Tarantino Films

Hi. I'm Erica. Nice to meet you.

Erica Dube

MAD Social Media Scientist

Erica is an expert digital marketer with over 7 years of experience in the industry. She is passionate about helping businesses grow with social media marketing and content creation. Erica has worked with over 80 brands, from large enterprises to small businesses, to help plan successful marketing campaigns and generate online traffic and leads. 

Her MAD Guilty Pleasures: Law and Order SVU, Sunset Beach Walks, and obsessing over her dog, Shabazz!



MAD Director of Excitement

Peyton, a Pit Bull/Lab/Terrier mix, came to us as a foster with more than six years of experience. When the team conceptualizes new growth initiatives, he comes through with tail-wagging, total bottom shaking excitement to distract us long enough to realize a breakthrough idea for our partners.  Peyton is also excelling in his new role as Head of Security. 

His MAD Guilty Pleasures: Car Rides, Naps, Sniffing Out New People, Infiltrating Garbage Cans, and Other General-Purpose Mischief.


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