Meet the MAD Growth Scientists

People are our greatest asset and we've built - and continue to build - a team that does truly FANTASTIC things for our partners.  

Josh Davis Headshot Marketing All Day

Josh Davis

Founder & Chief Growth Officer

Josh has spent more than 10 years of his storied career focused on helping SaaS providers market and grow their payroll, benefits, HR, and HCM revenue, adoption, and retention rates. He has a proven track record of generating 6 and 7 figure revenue numbers from single campaigns, product launches, and other initiatives across sales, marketing, and operations. 

His MAD Guilty Pleasures: Growing companies, music of all genres, Jersey's beaches, crab legs, and finding local food hot spots wherever he goes.  

Nick Fodera Headshot

Nick Fodera

Manager of Partner Accounts & Growth

Nick is a content creation expert with a passion for writing and social media. He has a strong understanding of inbound marketing principles as well as social media trends and SEO practices. Nick recently graduated from High Point University with a degree in Sports Media and Communications.

His MAD guilty Pleasures: Everything sports, video games, music, Marvel, Star Wars, GoT, and staring too long at any dog he sees or meets.

Brandon Rivers Bio Headshot

Brandon Rivers

Animation & Design Coordinator

Brandon is an digital artist who specializes in illustration and animation. Meshing his unique background in design with his inherent interest to learn, he can get his hands dirty working with any project.

His MAD Guilty Pleasures: Cold Cookies, Video Games, Hoodies, and Deep Discussion at 3 in the Morning.

Quinton Long Bio Headshot

Quinton Long

Growth Marketing Specialist

Quinton is aspiring to take his skillset from management and sales and apply them to a career in growth marketing. His passion for learning, open minded ideals, and studies in graphic design mean he's excited to tackle any challenge thrown at him.

His MAD Guilty Pleasures: Hiking, Cooking, Video and Board Games, and hanging out with his cat.

Iris Xue Headshot

Iris Xue

Growth Marketing Specialist

Iris is a digital marketer with a passion for social media and content creation. Her creative and analytical mindset gives her a unique perspective in digital marketing practices, and she is eager to leverage this to bring better solutions to any clients.

Her MAD Guilty Pleasures: Photography, Cooking A Feast for just Herself, Hiking, Singing, and Sunsets.

Thomas Olivo

Tom Olivo

Growth Marketing Specialist

Tom is a current graduate student at Montclair State University working on his MBA with a concentration in Digital Marketing. He is interested in all things marketing, including data analytics and social media management.

His MAD Guilty Pleasures: Football, going to the gym, hiking with his dogs and watching movies.

Connor Carmelengo Bio Photo

Connor Carmelengo

Growth Marketing Specialist

Connor is a recent graduate from Rutgers Business School earning his degree in Business Management and Marketing. He is interested in social media management, digital marketing, and general administrative tasks. With a deep-rooted passion to learn from others, Connor is excited to get his foot in the door and begin his journey in the MAD environment that surrounds him.

His MAD Guilty Pleasures: Playing the drums in his band ‘Flycatcher’, watching the New York Giants, and playing video games with friends.

Finn Dog Headshot


MAD Director of Excitement

Finn, our rough coat collie, came to us with about 9 and a half years of experience. When the team conceptualizes new growth initiatives, he comes through with tail-wagging, total bottom shaking excitement to distract us long enough to realize a breakthrough idea for our partners before he plops down and becomes one with the floor. 

His MAD Guilty Pleasures: Car Rides, Drooling, Snacking on Treats, Infiltrating Garbage Cans, Short Walks and Long Naps.


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