Payroll Partnership Overview

Being in the independent payroll provider industry and working with the software technology vendors you resell today, our founder, Josh Davis, for the past 10+ years, has been at the forefront of several fundamental shifts helping companies like yours anticipate, react to, and capitalize on the resulting opportunities.

This experience has culminated in the ultimate partnership for payroll companies and HCM, HR, or insurance vendors through Marketing All Day.

What we built and what we offer is simple; a TRUE partnership based on years of experience, our shared values, and keeping your company on the forefront of the industry through continuous growth.

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As your partner, we're going to onboard you and your brand through a simple, efficient process that puts a framework for success in place. 

  • Gather data about your company, brand and product offering
  • Develop market analysis reports
  • Re-define your target market based on existing data
  • Implement sales and marketing technology to establish processes and automation, if necessary
  • Encourage clients to self-identify as upsell opportunities
  • Initiate recurring campaigns towards prospects and customers   Free Consultation

Recurring Partner Initiatives

Our base or entry level partnership is made up of recurring, monthly services that we’ve found are necessary for the growth of any company.

Depending on your available resources, all partnerships will come standard with one or both of the following:

Campaign Creation – We develop unique sales and marketing campaigns for your company that can be purely promotional or thought leadership-based campaigns, depending on the audience we’re targeting. These can include everything from emails to social posts to sales guides to website CTAs, landing pages, thank you pages, and more.

Campaign Implementation – Instead of just leaving the implementation up to you, if you choose, we can queue up and execute these campaigns while maintaining the integrity of your brand and its elements. Don’t have the technology for marketing and sales automation? No problem! We can get you the best solution at the lowest price.

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Additional Partner Opportunities

Once you’re a partner and we’ve onboarded you, ran our first campaign, and most likely helped you realize an ROI for the next year of services with us, you’ll also gain access to additional services like:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Qualification
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Outsourcing
  • Product Offering Consultation / Expansions                                        See The Software
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The Platform for HCM Growth 

Complete with marketing, sales, and CRM, this platform is perfect for getting your payroll, HR, and benefits products to market with what we like to call the growth trifecta:

  • Get More Market Share
  • Increase Adoption Rates
  • Grow Recurring Revenue


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All Paths Point to Growth

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