Digital Marketing Specialist Job Overview

Digital Marketing Specialist Job Overview

We want you to come in as the digital growth marketer, also known as a growth hacker.

In the constantly evolving digital world of swiping right or left on our phones, impressions are everything (especially the first one) – and that’s what we specialize in – we develop, grow, and increase the number of people that encounter the HR, Payroll, and HCM brands we partner with and try to come away with raving fans.

In short, we’re MAD about growth, we’re Marketing All Day!

Digital Marketing Responsibilities 

  • Becoming an expert in digital, social, and marketing technology
  • Implementing awesome campaigns (and contributing to their success)
  • Monitoring that success with sweet brand reports that our clients love
  • Learning all about B2B Software as a Service solutions (like LinkedIn, Workday, Zenefits, Gusto, Slack)
  • Understanding how companies operate their business and recruit, retain, manage and grow their workforce (i.e. their employees)

Ideal Skills / Experience for Digital Marketers

  • Marketing or Marketing Technology Classes / Experience
  • HTML or Coding Classes / Experience
  • Photoshop / Illustrator Classes / Experience
  • Writing Classes / Experience
  • Human Resources Classes / Experience
  • Entrepreneurial or Operational Classes / Experience (If you started your own little money making venture, we’d love to hear about it!!)
  • Previous real-world or internship experience
    *If you're applying you should be checking off 2-3 of these.   

Here’s MAD stuff you can tell your friends & family you do here to impress them:

  • I help companies get found on Google and other search engines. And I use all sorts of tools like Google Analytics, SEM Rush, MOZ
  • I manage social media accounts with thousands of followers and continuously increase impressions, followers, and interactions with scheduling and monitoring tools.
  • I distribute multi-channel communication implement cross channel campaigns to thousands of people a month with an integrated approach across email, social media, web pages, websites, blogs, and digital publications.
  • And what’s really cool is I schedule and automate it all through various Marketing Platforms and technology like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, WordPress, GoToWebinar, and more.
  • So, technically, I’m Marketing All Day.

M.A.D. Perks:

  • PAID – easy as that, how much is all depending on your existing experience 
  • Growth - you're getting in on the ground floor of a really cool startup, so you'll be able to dive into a ton of stuff, which means...
  • Upward Mobility - we’re not scared to commit if you’re not – do GREAT work and you’ll get a sweet career path, Digital Growth Part Timer -> Digital Growth Hacker Specialist -> Digital Growth Coordinator -> Digital Growth Manager -> Digital Growth Director -> Vice President, Digital Operations
  • Snacks – from healthy stuff to the junk, we keep "the cabinets" pretty stocked.
  • EVEN MORE PAID - Make our clients happy, help grow our business, and we’ll gladly pay you more.
  • A MAD awesome future – whether it’s with us or someone else, every relationship we build is based on trust, friendship, ethics, and results. And if you uphold these values, we’ll support your future however we can.


SOOOO - Are you MAD enough to grow businesses, while growing yourself, with us?  Hit us up however you want to let us know why we should think you’re MAD enough.

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