Product Marketing Specialist Job Overview

Marketing All Day Company Overview

In the constantly evolving digital world of swiping right or left on our phones, impressions are everything (especially the first one) – and that’s what we specialize in – we develop, grow, and increase the number of people that encounter the HR, Payroll, and HCM brands we partner with and try to come away with raving fans.

In short, we’re MAD about growth, we’re Marketing All Day!

Product Marketing Specialist Job Description: 

As a product marketing manager, you will be a leader on the team responsible for telling the world (and company) the story of our products and our partners' brands. You will be expected to be our chief advocate for products, owning feature sets and benefits messaging. Additionally, you will be charged with crafting the strategy around payroll marketing and sales for new launches.

Product Marketing Specialist Responsibilities: 

  • Together with the product team, educate both internal and external stakeholders about our product features and their benefits:
  • Create product content (e.g. payroll sales enablement documentation, case studies, product videos, website copy, blog posts, Quora/forum responses) to articulate the benefits of our products to the world.
  • Assist members of our team on calls with prospects to provide demos and deeper dives into the product.
  • Speak and present both internally and externally to promote the story of our HCM channel and end-user facing products.
  • Measure and optimize the buyer journey as it relates to product feature adoption and usage.

Product Marketing Specialist Skills & Requirements:

  • BA/BS degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Past experience in digital marketing, product marketing, and/or product management.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills -- there is a heavy amount of writing and presenting/selling ideas in this role.
  • Proficiency in content management systems. You will be expected to build product pages, optimize the conversion paths on those pages, and use dynamic calls-to-action to create and test buyer stage-specific calls-to-action.
  • Prefer working in a collaborative, cross-team capacity. This role requires you to work across functions and departments to bring the product to life. You are at the center of our entire organization, constantly interacting with teammates and prospects.

Product Marketing Specialist Perks:

  • PAID – easy as that, depending on your existing experience
  • Growth - you're getting in on the ground floor of a really cool startup, so you'll be able to dive into a ton of stuff, which means...
  • Upward Mobility - we’re not scared to commit if you’re not – do GREAT work and you’ll get a sweet career path:
    Product Marketing Part Timer -> Product Marketing Specialist -> Product Marketing Coordinator -> Product Marketing Manager -> Product Marketing Director -> Vice President, Product Marketing
  • Snacks – from healthy stuff to the junk, we keep "the cabinets" pretty stocked.
  • EVEN MORE PAID - Make our clients happy, help grow our business, and we’ll gladly pay you more.
  • A MAD awesome future – whether it’s with us or someone else, every relationship we build is based on trust, friendship, ethics, and results. And if you uphold these values, we’ll support your future however we can.

SOOOO - Are you MAD enough to grow businesses, while growing yourself, with us?  Get in front of us however you want to let us know why you think you’re MAD enough.


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