Operations / Project Coordinator Job Overview

Operations / Project Coordinator Job Overview

Are you as organized as we hope you are? Does managing projects and coordinating timelines come easy for you with your sticky notes, calendars, and spreadsheets? Do you even enjoy… checking things off lists?

If you got excited when you answered any of those questions in your head, awe shucks, have we got the perfect agency operations career opportunity for you!!!

Company Overview

First, a quick word about us... We’re a growing digital marketing agency that’s looking to take our technical creative team to the next level by scaling operations. We’ve got a sweet niche and reputation in the payroll and HR software company market.

Now, here's how YOU can help the team...


Agency Operations Job Responsibilities

You’re the first and only one coming into this job, so to be our only hope and have a leg up on anyone else interested in the position, you’ll want to be an avid problem solver and the kind of person that can operate independently with a ‘get it done mentality,’ while comfortable with pulling in internal staff or 3rd parties in to get the I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

Go on with your detail-oriented self – we know you want the specifics on what you can take the lead on, so our company can focus on being the foremost marketing & sales thought leaders in our industry:

Lift the Arm of Marketing Agency Operations

    • Documenting Policies, Processes, and Procedures
    • Tracking and Managing Projects & Deadlines
    • Allocating Employee & Contractor Resources

Be The Right (or Left) Hand to Our Company’s Founder

    • Plan Events and Participation in Conferences
    • Book Travel Arrangements
    • Conduct Follow Ups
    • Order Office Supplies
    • Help With Project Management

Keep a Finger on the Pulse of our Candidates, Employees, Clients, Partners & Vendors

    • Create relationships with our constituents above
    • Schedule Calls & Meetings
    • Provide Meeting Purpose Summaries
    • Document Notes on Meeting Takeaways
    • Customize Client Proposals
    • Negotiate Partner and 3rd Party Vendor Contracts
    • Handle Payments & Receivables

Put Your Best Foot Forward to Recruit, Onboard, Manage, Engage, and Retain Our Team

    • Maintain Employee Records & Policies in our Payroll and HR Software
    • Implement Employee Compensation & Benefits Policies
    • Administer Time Off Program

Agency Operations Job Requirements

Your natural abilities checklist:

[ ] You’re simply a people person

[ ] You’re an avid problem solver

[ ] You’re a whiz with Spreadsheets / Excel & Microsoft Office

[ ] You’re great at making lists

[ ] You’re better at checking them off

[ ] You’re one of the greatest detail double-checkers

[ ] You’re first to spot improper grammar of stuff like your vs. you’re

And if your interested in going back to double-check if we made a grammar issue in this job post (or are interested now that you know you’ve read one for sure), you have the keen eye and embody the mind and spirit our company is looking for in this role. 


MAD Operations Job Perks

    • Paid – based on your previous experience in finance, operations, or administration
    • Benefited – you will be the giver and receiver of our companies benefit plans based on the policies you help find
    • Snacks – from healthy stuff to the junk, we keep the cabinets pretty stocked.
    • EVEN MORE PAID - Make our clients happy, grow our business, and we’ll gladly pay you more.
    • A MAD awesome future – whether it’s with us or someone else, every relationship we build is based on trust, friendship, ethics and results. And if you uphold these values, we’ll support your future however we can.

Let us know why you think you’re a great fit for organizing our ragtag bunch and how you can help take us to the next level. 


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