Sales Account Executive Job Overview

Sales Account Executive Job Overview

You’re coming in as what some may call a sales associate, field sales executive, business development representative, or something else. With us and the client we represent, it’s different… you’re what we like to call internally a rainmaker.

You are the one who drives new revenue to the business and expands our client’s market share.

It’s a constantly evolving digital world of swiping right or left on our phones, impressions are everything (especially the first one) – and that’s what we specialize in. An immediate and lasting impression. We find, market, and sell solutions to the people and businesses that trust us, our raving fans.

We’ve helped our client, a leading provider of Payroll and HCM/HR solutions, do just that. Now they’re looking to grow their sales team as a result and are leveraging us to help find someone just like you!

Responsibilities of the Sales Account Executive

  • Connecting people and making a great first and lasting impression verbally and through the written word
  • Being an expert in prospecting, appointment setting, product positioning / selling, proposal writing / quote generation, and sales technology
  • Developing new, innovative strategies, and techniques to achieve results while implementing awesome sales campaigns (and contributing to their       success)
  • Learning how companies operate their business and recruit, retain, manage and grow their workforce (i.e. their employees)
  • Understanding how our Software as a Service (SaaS) Payroll, HCM, and related solutions can help organizations achieve their strategic goals, streamline processes while creating efficiencies, and provide a greater overall experience for companies and employees alike
  • Documenting, monitoring, and forecasting activities and success with sweet reports through CRM
  • Creating and maintaining long-term working relationships with the awesome team here, and the clients we excel in servicing to ensure everyone         is a raving fan

Here’s MAD stuff you can tell your friends & family you do to impress them:

  • I sell in a really unique way by demonstrating value, without being annoying like most sales people
  • I create and leverage a mix of written and verbal communication that companies can’t help but respond to
  • I understand how different industries like Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Retail operate throughout the country
  • I help companies find solutions that improve their employee recruitment, management, retention and growth efforts while making their employees’       lives better

Sales Account Executive Ideal Skills or Experience:

  • Payroll Services, Human Resources, or Human Capital Management
  • Selling in B2B scenarios over the past 1-5 years with successful results
  • Understanding how companies operate and are structured pertaining to compensation and benefits, workforce management, and HR
  • Talking to anyone, anywhere, in any situation
  • Being even better at listening than talking
  • Naturally curious with the ability to ask thoughtful questions (not the easily Google-able ones)
  • Evaluating needs and how they create opportunities with the right solutions through casual, back-and-forth conversation
  • Competitive by nature, successful by determination
  • Ability to travel within a 50-mile radius from Chester, NJ or your remote location

If you don’t have any of these skills or experience, you should have a REALLY cool story about how you sold a ketchup popsicle to someone in white gloves.

Sales Account Executive Position Perks:

  • PAID – There’s a great compensation model here
  • MORE Paid – This includes a really competitive commission structure
  • LESS Taxed – The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) is a perfect way to save money pre-tax
  • Trained – The team of experts here will work with you to help you get to know the technology, people, and processes that will contribute to your           success
  • Insured – From Health to Dental Insurance, you’re covered
  • Invested – Funds that are ideal for any generation with our 401(k) plan
  • Telecommuted – Headquartered in Chester, NY, the company is also looking for a remote workforce in NJ and PA
  • Relaxed – With a great vacation and paid time off program, as well as time off for major holidays, you’ll be itching to come back and start making         it rain again
  • Snacked – from healthy stuff to the junk, the pantry here is pretty stocked, we’ve raided it ourselves

SOOOO - Are you MAD enough to grow this business, while growing yourself? I guess we’ll see.

Hit us up however you want to let us know why we should think you’re MAD enough for one of our favorite clients.


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