What's Next?

Once you finish checking out, you will be redirected to a thank you page where you will fill out the information we need to customize the time and labor management GIF specifically for your brand.

Don't have that handy? Totally fine - you'll receive an automated email after checkout with a link to provide the customization details when you're ready.

If you have any questions, you can email us at info@marketingallday.com or call us at (973) 315-7955.

More GIF Information

All we'll need is a copy of your logo to rebrand/customize your GIF. Your logo should be a .png file with a transparent background. If you don't have one of those, don't worry - we can work with what you've got.

Your logo will be featured in two places:

  1. In the top left corner of the screen where it usually is by default in Workforce Ready. 
  2. A white version of your logo will be created and overlaid on top of the blue dashboard "white space".
The GIF files you will receive contain the following technical specifications: 
  • File Type: GIF
  • File Size: 248kb to 352kb
  • Frame Rate: 30fps
  • Colors: 8 bit (256 color depth)
The best thing about GIFs is that they are SO versatile. They are a widely accepted image-based format with a small file size. So the marketing and sales applications for them are virtually endless, including: 
  • Email blasts
  • Social media posts
  • Web pages
  • PowerPoint & Google Slides presentations
  • Word & Google Docs
  • and much more!

Other Animated Screenshots in the HCM GIF Series


Kronos Workforce Ready Multi-Device Marketing GIF
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Kronos Workforce Ready Payroll Dashboard GIF
See Payroll GIF
Kronos Workforce Ready HR Dashboard GIF
Kronos Workforce Ready Benefits Administration Dashboard GIF
See Benefits GIF
Kronos Workforce Ready Recruiting Dashboard GIF
See Recruiting GIF

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HCM GIF Starter Pack

$1,525 $1,250

The Starter Pack Includes:

  • Payroll Overview GIF
  • Time & Attendance Overview GIF
  • Human Resources Overview GIF
  • Benefits Overview GIF
  • Recruiting Overview GIF
  • Multi-Device HCM Platform GIF 
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Use GIFs to Drive HCM Sales & Marketing Initiatives


Liven Up Emails

Animated GIFs typically work just like a regular picture and have a similar file size, so they load fast too. Try experimenting with replacing still images in email with animated images to catch more eyes in the inbox!



Boost Social Engagement

Making motion in the social ocean can stop the socialites in their tracks... or at least in their social feed. Gifs help your social posts stand out from competition and inspire more audience interactions.

GIFs Make Features Move Icon

Make Product Modules Move

 Rather than showing off Workforce Ready with old, static images... make it come alive! GIFs give your audience a more visually appealing look at solutions across your Human Capital Management Suite.


Enhance Presentations

Doing a presentation, discovery call, or webinar? GIFs can make your slides dance! Keep your audience engaged on those bullet-heavy slides that need just a bit more action for better viewer satisfaction. 


Convert More Web Leads

Let GIFs guide website visitors' eyes and mouse along your planned website path by evoking excitement and clicks to conversion funnels, proven to create more leads and drive sales opportunities.


Imagine Limitless Opportunities

Like a swiss-army knife, the beauty of GIFs is in the versatility - the file size of an image while packing a visual punch like video. How else can you see GIFs in your HCM marketing and sales initiatives?


Up Your Workforce Ready Marketing Game

You Have the Best HCM Technology. Now Get the Best Platform to Sell and Market It.

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