Can You Handle The Growth?

We’re simply MAD about growth and crazy about technology in the workplace. Our team has spent the past decade identifying and pulling different growth levers for companies just like yours to help expand market share, increase adoption, upsell and retain clients, and grow revenue.

The only question is do you have the bandwidth in place to support it?

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Oh you’re doubtful about your growth potential, our ability to deliver, and/or you want to know more about these MAD top secret services before taking the next step?

OK. You win. We’ll tell you what is it we do for the payroll, HR, HCM, and benefits companies that we partner with.

It’s starts with the perfect mix of strategy, technology and services.

And it’s not just marketing, it’s a concept we refer to as HCM growth hacking that spans sales, marketing, product, operations, and service.

It’s all part of our growth partner program.

The Partner Program
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The Platform for HCM Growth 

Complete with marketing, sales, and CRM, this platform is perfect for getting your payroll, HR, and benefits products to market with what we like to call the growth trifecta:

  • Get More Market Share
  • Increase Adoption Rates
  • Grow Recurring Revenue


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All Paths Point to Growth

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